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About Us

Exceptional Service is a Choice.

We live and work in an age where 75% of all businesses in the United States are service-related and much of the manufacturing has moved off-shore. This means that businesses that succeed are the ones that create a loyal customer. From Aqua-Gon's inception in 1965, we have been committed to making a simple choice.

The choice is to provide extraordinary customer service. It's not just a nice slogan, but a lifestyle and climate that exists at our core and affects everything we do and every decision we make.

We believe that it is the philosophy and our core values that make the difference in building loyal customers. If you aren't already an Aqua-Gon customer, we invite you to contact our sales department and learn what makes us different.

Philip Horvath,
Aqua-Gon, Inc. President

Action: We move quickly to meet a customer's needs and resolve issues. No committee or board meetings necessary.

Balance: We value well rounded employees and foster an environment that helps employees balance work, family, and recreation.

Care: Wholesale is our only business - we care.

Understanding: Our team's combined industry and business experience means that we understand the pool and spa industry and have the solutions for the problems facing the professionals in it.

Informative: We are dedicated to providing our customers with information to keep them up-to-date on industry trends and issues.