The Power of a Pool Maintenance Decal or Pool

Swimming pool maintenance chart

Any strong business prioritizes increasing brand awareness 24/7, even in the pool and spa industry. Ensuring adequate visibility of who you are and what you offer is the ultimate key to your business’s success. That’s why a pool maintenance decal or card can be an excellent investment for your business. But don’t just take our word for it. In this article, we’ll discuss the power of a pool maintenance decal or card and its benefits to businesses and your customers.

Benefits of a Pool Maintenance Decal or Card for Businesses

Obviously, the primary benefit of utilizing a pool maintenance decal or card is to promote advertising for your business 24/7. Give people a reason to stop by to see your business while regularly updating them with specials.

Here are some other benefits you can look forward to with maintenance decals and cards.

Save Your Business Money

Traditional marketing for your pool business is not the only solution. It tends to be time-consuming and costly, which often means it takes a back seat to other business purchases on your priority list. Unfortunately, this only costs your business in the long run because you cannot have the reach you need to acquire new customers. Often, especially in the smaller pool businesses, marketing can become nonexistent.

By creating pool maintenance decals or cards for your business, you can increase your marketing efforts at minimal costs. Rather than spending all of your marketing budgets by focusing 100% of your efforts on your online or social media presence, consider broadening your reach by checking out alternatives, like maintenance decals and cards.

Provide Customers with Your Contact Information

If you have customers that you don’t regularly see, it can be easy for them to lose your contact information. But, with the help of maintenance decals or cards, you ensure they know how to reach you when needed.

The maintenance reminders will not only ensure that your customers know when to contact you, but with your contact information readily available, it also lets you know that your customers know how to contact you when that time comes.

Maximize Your Brand Awareness

Another thing to consider about maintenance decals and cards is that they help to maximize your brand awareness. People can associate your business with a particular brand identity no matter what time of day if you have a decal that is always visible.

Also, you can help increase memorability and your brand exposure by having flashy images and a recurring logo. The more your logo is out there, the more it will be recognized as the go-to pool professional in the area.

Highlight Any Ongoing Specials

You can even consider adding ongoing specials to your customer maintenance decals or cards. For example, have a 10% discount on their routine maintenance with the decal or card you provide them at the end of every service. This incentive will ensure they call you and no one else when it’s time to have their pool looked at.

Benefits of a Pool Maintenance Decal or Card for Customers

In addition to providing benefits to your pool business, maintenance decals and cards also offer benefits to your customers. This marketing tool creates an ideal win-win scenario for your business. Here’s how.

Increases the Longevity of their Pool

Let your customers know you can help preserve their pool by keeping maintenance details through a decal or card. Hanging onto these items means that your customers will have a detailed record of all the maintenance and repairs that their pool went through.

For your customers who might be interested in selling their homes later down the line, having records that the pool was well-maintained can help increase the property value. After all, anyone looking to buy a home with a pool wants to know they can rely on the equipment long after moving in.

Helps Customers Hold a Company Accountable

Having a pool maintenance decal or card helps customers to be able to associate services with a service provider. What this means for them is that they know who to hold accountable should any issues arise.

A pool maintenance decal or card can help act as an insurance policy for owners who want to ensure they receive the best possible services for their pool. It allows them to find out who may be accountable for any damages to their pool. At the same time, it helps with encouraging your trained professionals to take better care of the pool.

Increases the Safety Precautions

The risk of pool equipment malfunctioning is immediately minimized if a pool is well maintained. Undoubtedly, your customers will be heavily impacted when issues surrounding faulty pool equipment occur, whether it be pool equipment needing replacement or safety concerns from people using the pool.

Help your customers keep track of their pool’s health by having its maintenance history provided via decal or card. It ensures that their pool is safe to enjoy while also enabling them to schedule routine maintenance when needed.

Helps Create a Specialized Maintenance Program

Each pool has different limitations and operates under various climates, environments, and working conditions. Your customer can instantly see the value of routine maintenance on their pool.

In turn, your company can use this information to help create specialized maintenance programs that specifically cater to each individual’s pool that you service.

Minimizes Expensive Repairs

A pool is prone to normal wear and tear with constant use because it is subject to the elements. Before damages become a big problem, routine inspections allow pool technicians to identify and repair minor damages.

Your customers can ensure that each pool is in tip-top shape before opening for the season by documenting routine maintenance visits and minor repairs.


Since there is no denying the power of effective marketing for small businesses, it’s easy to see how something as simple as a pool maintenance decal or card can positively impact your success. The best part is that not only does this technique help your business, but it also benefits your customer, fostering your relationship.

The question for you is – what are you waiting for?


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